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Original Samsung MLT-D1042S black toner capacity 1500 pages

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Product Ref: original-samsung-mlt-d1042s-black-toner-capacity-1500-page-235

Price: 69.99

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Original Samsung Mlt-D1042s Genuine Black Toner.

Full Guarantee And Highly Recommended

For Use On The Following Machines,

Samsung ml 1660 samsung1660 samsung ml1660 samsung ml 1665 samsung 1665 samsung1665 samsung ml 1865 samsung 1865 samsung1865 samsung scx 3200 samsung3200 samsung 3200 samsung 3205 samsung3205 samsungscx3205 samsung scx 3205 samsung  scx3205 samsung1042 samsung mlt-d1042s.