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Hp 338 Black Ink Cartridge Original

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Product Ref: hp-338-black-ink-cartridge-original-136

Price: 43.99

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Product Information

Original Hp 338 Ink Cartridge.

Original Hewlett Packard black ink cartridge, contents 11ml.

Only original HP supplies offer the best quality, reliability and trouble-free printing

  • Vivid colours that last.
  • Whatever you print, it always looks best in true colour: colours borrowed from life.
  • Colours generated by HP Vivera inks.

For Use On The Following Printers,

hp deskjet 460c hp deskjet 460cb hp deskjet 460wbt hp deskjet 5740 hp deskjet 5745 hp deskjet  6520 hp deskjet 6540 hp deskjet  6540d hp deskjet 6620 hp deskjet 6840   hp deskjet 9800 hp deskjet 9800d

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