Hp 300 Black Ink Cartridge Original

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Product Ref: hp 300

Price: €23.99

Sorry, this product is out of stock.

Only original HP supplies offer the best quality, reliability and trouble-free printing

Original HP black ink cartridge, contents 4ml.

  • The original HP 300 ink cartridge in black
  • For Use On The Following Printers,

Hp Deskjet d1600 hp deskjet d2560 hp deskjet d2660 hp deskjet d5560 hp deskjet f2420 hp deskjet f2480 hp deskjet f2492 hp deskjet  f4210 hp deskjet f4224  hp deskjet f4272 hp dsekjet f4280 hp deskjet f4580  hp d1660 hp d2560 hp d2660 hp d5560 hp  f2420 hp f2480 hp f2492 hp f4210 hp f4224 hp  f4272 hp f4280 hp f4580 hp300 hpblack300 hp photosmart  c4670  hp photosmart c4680 hp photosmart c4685 hp photosmart c4780  hp c4780 hp c4670 hp hp c4685 hp c4780