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Epson s015637 Ribbon Cartridge Original

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Product Ref: epson-s015637-ribbon-cartridge-original

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Epson Black Ribbon Cartridge C13S015637

Ensuring that your dot matrix printer is working as well as possible, you need to use the correct ribbon. The Epson No. 8750 Ribbon Cartridge provides you with an easy way to print a number of pages at a very low cost. This ribbon is designed to prevent the drying out of ink, making the cartridge perfect for occasional use over a long period of time.

  • Ink Colour: Black
  • Suitable for the Epson FX-80, FX-80+, FX-800, FX-85, FX-850, FX-870, FX-880, FX-880-FDW, FX-880+
  • LX-300, LX-300+, LX-300+II, LX-400, LX-800, LX-810, LX-850, LX-860, MX-80, MX-82, RX-80
  • Gets the most from your Dot Matrix printer
  • No. 8750 ribbon cartridge
  • Designed not to dry out, even over long periods