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Compatible HP 301 Black Ink Cartridge – Hp 301XL Black Ink

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Product Ref: compatible-hp-301-black-ink-cartridge-hp-301xl-black-ink-1491

Price: 21.99

Price Includes VAT at 23%

Product Information

Compatible HP 301XL Black Ink Cartridge

20 Ml Ink Content.Thats 82% More Than Original XL

100% guarantee

For Use On The Following Machines

hp deskjet 1000 hp deskjet1000 hp deskjet 1010 hp deskjet1010
hp deskjet 1050a hp deskjet1050a hp deskjet 1510 hp deskjet1510 hp deskjet 1512 hp deskjet 1514 hp deskjet1514 hp deskjet 2000 hp deskjet200 hp deskjet 2050 hp deskjet2050 hp deskjet 2050a hp deskjet2050a hp deskjet 2054a hp deskjet2054a hp deskjet 2510 hp deskjet2510 hp deskjet 2514 hp deskjet2514 hp deskjet 2540 hp deskjet2540 hp deskjet 3050 hp deskjet3050 hp deskjet 3050a hp deskjet3050a hp deskjet 3000 hp deskjet3000 hp deskjet 2549 hp deskjet2549
hp deskjet 3052a hp deskjet3052a hp deskjet 3054a hp deskjet3054a
hp deskjet 3057a hp deskjet3057a hp deskjet 3057 hp deskjet 3059a hp deskjet3059a
hp officejet 2620 hp officejet2620 hp officejet2622 hp officejet 2622 hp officejet2624 hp officejet 2624 hp officejet4630 hp officejet 4630 hp officejet301 301 hp301 301 ink hp envy 4500 hp envy4500 hp envy 4502 hp envy4502 hp envy4504 hp envy 4504 hp envy5530 hp envy 5530 hp envy5532 hp envy 5532

A Ninestar product is manufactured under the strictest conditions possible. Through continuous
research and advanced R&D, Ninestar ensures its products are adapted to the specific demands
of the printers for which they have been developed. Ninestar uses the most modern product
technologies which are continuously tested through the most strict quality standards (ISO 9001).
This is a process in which Ninestar invests a lot to assess both its R&D and production
department in order to adjust and improve where necessary and to be able to offer the best
products in the industry.
Ninestar offers a two year warranty on both inkjet and laser products, this warranty takes effect
as from the day of purchase. In case a product purchased is faulty after correct use this warranty
entitles the user a new Ninestar product within the period of warranty.