715 Multi Pack 10 Pack Compatible For Epson Chipped

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Product Ref: 715

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Price: €22.99

715 Multi Pack 10 Pack Compatible For Epson Chipped

Compatible Epson 715  4xBlack /2x Cyan/2x Magenta/2x Yellow ink Cartridges 10 Pack.

4 x T0711 (black) 17ml.
2 x T0712 (cyan) 17ml.
2 x T0713 (magenta) 17ml.
2 x T0714 (yellow) 17ml.

100% Guarantee.

A Ninestar product is manufactured under the strictest conditions possible. Through continuous
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of the printers for which they have been developed. Ninestar uses the most modern product
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This is a process in which Ninestar invests a lot to assess both its R&D and production
department in order to adjust and improve where necessary and to be able to offer the best
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