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Ink Cartridges or Ink Toners?

Ink Cartridges or Ink Toners?Just like cars and TV’s, printers have grown into a large population of printer types with subclasses that operate in different ways. It’s because of the various types of printers that printer necessities have become diverse as well. The store at Ink Cartridges Ireland will have a very large selection for the curious printer owner.

It has become a common mistake of most printer owners to use the terms toner and ink in the same manner. Although both items are used in conjunction with printers, they are two very different items with specific uses. The main difference between the two items lies in the types of printers that use them. For toners, laser printers. For ink cartridges, inkjet printers.

To further explain the difference, one needs to understand how each printer works to see why toner and ink cartridges are two different things. Although the result are the same, laser printers and inkjet printers use different ways of staining paper to come up with the finished product.

A laser printer sets positive or negative charges onto the printing paper. While the paper is charged, the printer applies electrically charged toner powder onto the paper. Images and texts are achieved through making the electrical charges follow the contour of the design or text being printed. Once the powder is applied unto the paper, it is heated using a laser and allowed to coagulate and dry. That creates the finished print on the paper.

An inkjet printer operates differently. Instead of using powder, it uses liquid ink. A printer head sprays very small amounts of a particular ink color onto the paper as it moves along the length of the printing paper. No lasers heat the liquid as it is designed to quickly dry once it is applied unto the paper.

From the explanations, it is easy to see that liquid ink will not work with a laser printer and neither will powder toner go well with an inkjet printer. This means that the two terms cannot be used interchangeably especially when making a purchase. If one has a laser printer, then they should only buy toner. The same can be said about inkjet printers. If one is not sure, they can always consult the printer manual to see which type of medium the printer accepts.

It is interesting to know that although both mediums work differently with different printer models, their prices do not vary by much. This is mainly because the technology that goes behind these objects does not differ in complexity. Even if they are used for different printers, toner and ink can both be purchased from most printer stores. Places such as Ink Cartridges Ireland provide a good selection of both toners and ink cartridges for printers.

Ultimately, no printer type outweighs the other. Both are capable of producing high-quality prints. The methods may differ, but the final product does not change. However, there are some instances when one is more suitable for a particular printing job over the other. In such cases, it would be best to consult the sales staff at Ink Cartridges Ireland in order to get a better idea about which type of printer and printing medium to use.

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