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Compatible Ink Cartridges or Original Ink Cartridges for Your Printer?

Compatible Ink Cartridges or Original Ink Cartridges for Your Printer?The old question arises again: should I buy compatible ink cartridges or original ink cartridges for my printer?

As a general rule of thumb compatible ink cartridges and compatible ink toners, are usually better overall value than original ink cartridges and toners. When purchasing ink cartridges in Ireland, or ink toners in Ireland, there is a huge choice of suppliers on-line but be careful of the “chancers” who sell inferior products with no guarantees. Compatible ink cartridges, and compatible ink toners usually have a lot more ink than originals, between 10% and in some cases 100% more ink content, but compatible ink cartridges and toners are not all the same. Always look for a printer guarantee from the supplier as it adds to your peace of mind, and ensure you know exactly the address and location of your supplier. A number of low moral individuals imply they are from Ireland when indeed they are not. In some cases they are from the UK, China, or some other non-Irish location. It will help if the ink retailer has an actual shop or store where you can call in and be satisfied that you will get what you have ordered or indeed what you were promised. Always look to see if a landline telephone number, and postal address are stated on the website, if you choose to buy ink online. Rather than risk being “ripped off” make a call to the number and use you own judgement by the response if the seller of ink cartridges is genuine or not and if you are willing to pay out or risk your money. If there is no phone number or realistic postal address, move on.

It does not really matter if you are buying ink cartridges or ink toners in Dublin, ink cartridges or ink toners in Galway, or ink cartridges or ink toners in Cork, the same rules apply. Always make sure when comparing original ink cartridges against compatible ink cartridges that you make your judgement on a like for like. Watch out for XL ink cartridges and ink toners and always check the content in mls or pages.

Like any other product you buy there may be occasions where the printer will not recognise the compatible ink cartridge, this is usually quite rare and in general the printer will usually accept the replacement ink first time. If you do experience a rejection problem with the ink cartridge, just take it back out and, using a lint free cloth, wipe the contact chip on the cartridge and corresponding receiving area of the printer. This usually solves the problem. Never force the ink cartridge, or ink toner into the receiving slot and always ensure you read the box or packaging to make sure you have the right cartridge for your machine.

The saving made with compatible ink cartridges and compatible ink toners will more than compensate for the extra effort required, and do not forget as we advised earlier, to ensure you buy from an ink supplier that will give a full guarantee, should you experience a problem. Original ink and original ink toners can be expensive and the use of compatible inks and compatible toners is a good way to save money. https://www.inkcartridgesireland.ie carry a comprehensive range of compatible ink and compatible toners in addition to original ink and toners. All of our products carry a 100% “no quibble” guarantee.

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