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Free Compatible Inkjet Cartridge from Ink Cartridges Ireland

Epson 1285 Compatible Ink CartridgesEpson T1285 multi pack ink, which includes the T1281, T1282, T1283, and T1284 Epson inks, and the sister multi pack Epson T0715, which includes the T0711, T0712, T0713, and T0714 range of inks are quite possibly the best selling ink in Ireland. These inks account for almost 80% of Epson ink sales for Ink Cartridges Ireland, and to celebrate this fact they are now giving away a free black ink with every compatible multipack purchased. To avail of this offer simply enter the term ‘mayoffer2013‘ in the discount section of your online shopping basket. This offer is so good that it can only be available for a very limited period only, and is subject to availability.

The average price of the Epson T1281 or the T0711 is only €4.99 but they can cost as little as €2.50 when purchased as part of a multi pack and less still if you take advantage of this free ink offer. The compatible ink cartridges for this range of inks come with a higher volume of ink as opposed to the original inks (16ml of black and 14ml on colours on the T1285 range, and 19ml on all four of the T0715 range) and represent tremendous value for the home or office user.

The Epson T1285 range is suitable for use with the Epson Stylus: s22/sx125/sx130/sx230/sx235/sx420W/sx425W/Sx435W/sx440W/sx445W and Office BX305F and 305FW.
The Epson T0715 range is suitable for use with the Epson Stylus: D78/D92/D120/DX4000 to DX8450/DX9400F S20/S21/SX100/SX110/SX105/SX115/SX200/SX205/SX209/SX210/SX510W/SX515W/SX600FW/BX600FW/BX510W and Office B40W/BX300F and the BX310FN.

Epson stylus ink cartridges are readily available online with numerous online retailers in addition to Ink Cartridges Ireland, and this current offer is also available in-store at their retail store inside Expert Hardware, Crumlin Village, in Dublin 12.

 The best way to find bargains and deals online for your own specific printer is to Google your printer ink direct “example T0711” or alternatively Google your printer machine details example “Epson Stylus S22”. Make sure before you buy that you buy from a reliable ink retailer that will offer you a full 100% guarantee, and next working day delivery of your replacement ink cartridge.

Epson are one of the largest printer manufacturers worldwide and have hundreds of different machines, so it can be easy to order the wrong ink for your own particular printer, so caution needed when ordering online. It may be hard to believe but a number of people do not know their ink replacement numbers or indeed even their machine number. The ink replacement number is always printed on the cartridge itself, (unless you got it refilled buy an unscrupulous re-filler and they covered over the original number to make sure you come back to them), the printer number is always written on the front or top of your Epson Printer (Epson S22) for example.

There are a number of suppliers online that will offer compatible ink replacement but not too many that will offer free ink, so look around and get the best deal available in Ireland today. When it comes to Epson ink replacement it is cheaper to buy compatible ink than to re-fill, and a lot safer and cleaner for your printer. Always ensure you check that the replacement ink you order is of good quality and is fully guaranteed. If you have any anxieties or concerns when it comes to ordering replacement ink or toners for you printers, do not hesitate to give our help line a call on 014651789.

For more information on their products & services you can contact Ink Cartridges Ireland on 01 465 1798 or info@inkcartridgesireland.local.